Quick Go Through on The New Blockchain Lottery and Gaming Platform- MyMazuma!

3 min readJul 10, 2021

Cryptocurrency continues to seize the interest of enthusiasts everywhere, to keep the wheels of the marketplace turning, many new projects are emerging to cater to the variant preferences of the users. MyMazuma is one of the new names that have announced the launch of its exclusive blockchain-based lottery platform that uses Tron TRC20 Blockchain.

MyMazuma Network

MyMazuma Network presents an innovative take on a conventional lottery and gaming protocols powered by Mazuma token! This project is entirely developed and deployed on Tron Blockchain-based protocol.

Our team plans have created a plan to initially host this specific platform on a Tron blockchain-based Decentralized Exchange for TRC20 tokens. We intend to build its own blockchain for gaming protocols with a perfect analytics report and structured preference.

We have a team of experts and professionals skilled in blockchain development. The platform has been partnered with Japanese gaming companies as well.

We introduce a lottery environment and economy to provide highly transparent digital services and competitive lottery solutions. We hope to form a foundation with a successful business plan, deep industry knowledge, and broad skill experience.

Soon, MyMazuma will be a worldwide lottery and gaming platform used as a web-based, mobile-friendly, and totally safe place implemented on reliable smart contracts.

Mazuma Token

Mazuma is a TRC20 token that is built in order to empower the entire Mazuma Network. We are looking forward to listing the native token on MyMazuma Dex, JustSwap along major Centralized exchanges in the near future.

The Mazuma token consists of multiple use-cases including fees usage, staking plans, and rewards. We have multipurpose to present this token for public use, also the whitepaper will soon be available with upcoming events, deadlines, programs, developments, and future scope of MyMazuma Network.

Our plan is to launch a fair and transparent lottery gaming system with various lottery alternatives, and further will explore our usage of blockchain tech. Also, in the future, MyMazuma will include additional creative games to gather a huge user base.

We are pleased to present the new platform that will grab your attention at once. Check out the details about the tokens and the distribution with proper allocations.

Mazuma Tokenomics

· Token Name- Mazuma Token

· Symbol- MAZUMA

· Blockchain- TRC20

· Total Supply- 1000000000 (1 Bn) MAZUMA

Mazuma Token Distribution

1. Total Supply- 1000000000 MAZUMA

2. Circulating Supply- 60%

3. Governance and Development Reserve- 22%

4. Reward and Marketing Reserve- 18%

MyMazuma Network is in the process to release a next-generation lottery environment to address the fundamental issues in online gaming. This protocol will offer players and organizations rapid, reliable, and up-to-date technical access to gaming portfolios.

We are making full use of blockchain technology to present a practical method that simplifies with online lottery model and sort out its shortcomings.

MyMazuma is also sketching a smart ROI plan that will be an investment plan providing assured returns of 250% particularly from 3 types of dynamic income. The interested user can start right with a minimum of 100 MAZUMA tokens. We have many more releases planned ahead!

Stay tuned and watch our steps with back-to-back announcements! You can check out the latest updates on our official channels.

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MyMazuma is a Blockchain Gaming and Lottery Network Powered by MAZUMA token. A Tron Blockchain based development panel to build MAZUMA blockchain and Different