Mazuma Tokens Are Available on Koinbazar to Buy, Sell, and Trade!

3 min readAug 6, 2021

We are thrilled to inform you that the Mazuma token has been listed on Koinbazar, being available to trade from 02 August 2021. Mazuma tokens will start trading with INR and USDT as their trading pair.

Mazuma is a TRC-20 non-fungible utility token specifically designed to recognize and reward the potential and efforts of gamers. We also aim to drive positive engagement on the MyMazuma social gaming platform.

Indeed, the team behind the project is trying hard to build a reliable community of over 50k+ Mazuma holders. We are also looking forward to launching 15 lottery blockchain games and 10 blockchain products to improvise the future growth of the project.

Mazuma tokens are created to serve player rewards earned within the MyMazuma gaming platform. Not only as rewards but also this token will be used for governance functions, vote on MyMazuma roadmaps, game deployment, along the distribution of prize and rewards pools.

The native token is already available for trade on Koinbazar and soon will be listed on JustSwap and other centralized exchanges. You can more detailed information on Medium and the official whitepaper.

On August 2, 2021, Koinbazar made an official announcement on Twitter posting availability to trade Mazuma tokens with INR and USDT. Check out the tweet here:

Not only a tweet, but Koinbazar also released an official press release on its blog about the listing and details of Mazuma tokens. This is indeed a high-engagement blockchain gaming project using which players can compete in tournaments, complete game missions, and earn prizes based on their activities.

Soon, MyMazuma will be known as a leader in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification. This platform is a gaming and lottery network built on the Tron blockchain entirely powered by Mazuma tokens.

This new market is attributable to the exploratory creation of advanced virtual universes and item trading prospects that are substantially profound and versatile than other emerging and simple trading systems working on sophisticated smart contract protocols.

Mazuma is focusing on both developers and gamers. Our team is looking forward to empowering a large extent of new developers who are ready to take on challenges in their game visions as per market growth.

Nowadays, even players are aware of the competing time and financial constraints. Considering the scenario, Mazuma aims to democratize game development as a whole. We present a creative digital item trading and sharing platform- MyMazuma Network, to allow players to effectively generate real-world value and capitalize on previous gaming achievements playing a new set of online games.

They can use and trade virtual items from one game to the next leading the hierarchy. The gamers can freely use Mazuma tools and applications to experience wide adoption developed and deployed by the developers and studios.

Note: You can buy, sell, and trade Mazuma tokens in the INR and USDT markets of Koinbazar.



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MyMazuma is a Blockchain Gaming and Lottery Network Powered by MAZUMA token. A Tron Blockchain based development panel to build MAZUMA blockchain and Different