Mazuma Token Will Soon Be Listed and Traded on Koinbazar Exchange

4 min readAug 2, 2021

We are delighted to inform you about Mazuma tokens to be listed on Koinbazar soon. Mazuma token is a Blockchain-based decentralized cryptocurrency that operates on Tron TRC20 specifically designed for the MyMazuma smart staking gaming platform. This token entirely supports blockchain lottery and gaming networks with consistent storage without third-party interference.

Mazuma token holders will have multiple benefits in the coming future. This project is an overall cost reduction fundamental with a public blockchain network supporting distributed, decentralized protocols to make working more efficient and cost-effective.

You will now be able to buy, sell, trade Mazuma tokens in the USDT, and INR markets of Koinbazar. The listing pairs available are most common and demanding in the crypto trading marketplace. Moreover, the client has finalized the deal to list Mazuma tokens for the package of $2500

The team will announce our coin listing via official Koinbazar social media channels and banners. Let’s go through some important factors and reasons to choose Koinbazar to list Mazuma tokens in the first place.

Mazuma Token to Get Listed on Koinbazar Exchange

We are here to offer exclusive privileges for traders and gamers on the Koinbazar exchange:

· Buy and Sell Digital Assets

You can easily buy and sell digital assets with a low transaction fee and free Koin Bazar Coins (KBC).

· Transfer and Receive Cryptocurrency

The exchange offers users quick crypto transfers and can collect via external accounts with optimum security.

· Referral and Rewards Campaign

You can freely optimize your earnings by collecting bonus rewards from various social media contests and referral programs.

· Spend and Withdraw Funds

The user can link their bank account to trade and withdraw funds according to their preference with utmost comfort.

· Deposit and Track

The exchange allows user to deposit the virtual assets with zero security concerns and gain a competitive edge by tracking the live market trends.

· Web and Mobile Application

The portal provides immediate web notifications to keep you updated with price alerts. Though application development is still underway to improve portable trading.

Why We Chose Koinbazar?

If you are still a beginner and a newbie without any trading experience, we chose the right platform you to start trading on. The user can comfortably invest in Koinbazar due to its user-friendly intuitive trading panel that also shows live market trends with a definite and clear order book.

This will help you trade like a pro while making profitable decisions specifically in the competitive crypto world. We have considered every minute possibility to ensure the best for you!

v Ultra-secure

We believe that where there is security, there’s trust. This exchange platform prioritizes the security of funds invested by traders and transactions by improving multi-layer encryption models with credible technologies.

v Professional

The core team working at Koinbazar consists of blockchain entrepreneurs with 10+ years of experience in the crypto industry. Therefore, the system is a safe and efficient global trading platform.

v Convenient

The newcomers can simply use the exchange interface providing quick cryptocurrency conversion functionalities to help traders enjoy a silky-smooth experience.

v Conformity

In order to offer an authentic experience and exposure globally, this platform complies with legal regulations by following rigorous resource mergence strategies to expand trader benefits.

To get started, with the exchange platform, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

1] Register

Create an account -> set up the profile -> complete KYC procedures.

2] Deposit funds

Connect the required bank account -> connect the external wallet -> deposit fiat/crypto assets.

3] Enjoy trading

Buy and sell your crypto assets -> enjoy a sophisticated trading experience.

#Koinbazar- India’s Safest Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform! Now the traders can buy, sell, and trade Mazuma with INR and USDT instantly.

MyMazuma Observation for Listing Mazuma Tokens

MyMazuma has opted for an exquisite cryptocurrency exchange platform to give our users the best they deserve to trade digital assets. Look for the factors why to trade with Koinbazar.

Ø Electric Auto-matching Engine

The exchange orders produce quick trades with strong communication performance implementing advanced match-making algorithms.

Ø Speed

The transaction performs one among thousands in a fraction of a second still the ultra-low latency exchange makes your order timing reliable.

Ø INR Payment

Now you can start trading right with the Indian rupees, precisely Indian fiat currency provision powers the platform more liquid creating better trading opportunities.

Important Features to Look in an Exchange

1. Crypto Wallet

The user just needs to link their integrated wallet with the bank account to trade, and earn anytime with comfort.

2. Secure the assets

The crypto assets you deposit are encrypted in the crypto wallet, where you can trade with 100% comfort without any concerns.

3. Buy and Sell 24x7

The platform provides high-level service availability after depositing funds into your wallet.

4. Send and Receive Funds

You can efficiently send and receive funds from your peers within few seconds as the transactions are easy and lightning-fast.

5. Privacy and Security

The exchange platform never ignores the security, in fact, the user privacy and data are safeguarded with rigid encryption protocols.

· Bug Bounty

They have an active bug bounty community to enforce tight security and examines cyber-vulnerabilities occurring within the exchange network.

· Penetration Tests

The destined trading platform is entirely safely stabilized with frequent simulated as well as manual penetration testing measures.

6. Account Shield.

Here are some measures are taken into considerations while shielding user privacy and security.

· Two-step Verification.

The exchange armours the user account with an additional layer of security and solely restricts unauthorized access.

· SSL Encryption.

Indeed, the link between server and client is completely encrypted, so that users can freely enjoy secure trading with a reliable platform.

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