Mazuma Blockchain Wallet Overview

2 min readOct 23, 2021

Mazuma Blockchain Wallet is developed with advanced set of protocols and conceptual interface. We have made it easier for you to access the dashboard and user panel with feasibility.

You can use main features of Mazuma Blockchain Wallet like creating and securing your seed; sending and receiving assets; freezing tokens, voting and engaging in a token sale, etc.

If you have any suggestion on adding any new features or improvements, please drop a line in the comment section below.

In Short Procedure

1. The user needs to follow the “Registration” process in order to use the Mazuma wallet

a) Enter the user name

b) Enter identification details

c) Choose a strong password

d) Make sure to write the login credentials for future purpose

2. Once the account is registered, go to the email for “Email Verification”, and click on the link sent to your mail for authenticating you mail account.

3. Perform the email 12 seed verification process and write it down somewhere in safe

4. After completion of verification, you will be redirected to access your wallet dashboard.

5.The user will have the access with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Binance, and mazuma to receive and send to transact digital assets

6. While using Mazuma, the user has got following options available:

a) Send, receive and transact assets

b) Create new account

c) Hash generation

d) Import account

7. The user will have an additional option to swap Mazuma-to Tron and Tron to-Mazuma tokens.

For more detailed procedure, check out below-mentioned information:

Creating a new wallet:-

Launch your Mazuma blockchain wallet, after installation you get two options to carry forward your Mazuma wallet experience: Create | Restore wallet.

· Click on “Create Wallet”

· The screen will be redirected to a window asking to enter a “PIN number” (This will be your password for the wallet app)

· You need to create your “PIN” and write down a combination of 12 words somewhere in safe (for recovery purpose)

· Click on “Next”, the screen prompts user to repeat the 12 words

· Enter the PIN in proper order of words, tap on “Confirm seed” and you are ready to use your Mazuma wallet.

Restoring Mazuma Wallet

Go to the “Settings” screen, select a “Restore Wallet” option.

Tap on the button and application it will ask you to enter the 12 secret words (Enter 12 digit secret words you have created on registration process )

Make sure to enter the 12 words in the correct order on the restore form.

Click on “Restore” and you will receive a warning alert whether you need to restore.

In case of failure, re-type the words double-check them and then try again.




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