All You Need to Know About MyMazuma Network RoadMap!

3 min readJul 15, 2021

MyMazuma- Blockchain Lottery and Gaming Network

MyMazuma Network is basically a lottery and blockchain gaming platform powered by Mazuma token. We have utilized a Tron blockchain-based development panel to create and design Mazuma blockchain with some upcoming exclusive products.

Our team includes experts and professionals in blockchain development and new developing technologies. Not only the expertise, but our expert panel has enlarged partnership with Japanese gaming companies as well.

Our aim is to build a big reliable community consisting of 50k Mazuma holders. Mazuma is planning to release 15 lottery blockchain games for holders and players. Moreover, the new 10 blockchain products will be implemented for the future growth of the project.

Why Mazuma Network?

There is various reason to choose the new lottery gaming platform over others. Let’s familiarize yourself with some factors that will surely blow up your mind:

225% total returns- The traders can stake Mazuma token and earn 225% staking returns.

Trade Mazuma token- Simply earn and trade Mazuma token to retrieve higher price on CEX and DEX.

Play lottery and games- You can enjoy seamless blockchain lottery and gaming applications on the Mazuma platform.

Mazuma is developing some blockchain products inline that will ease your complexities and gives you an opportunity to explore the marketplace at a better pitch. Here are some of the upcoming blockchain products on Mazuma:

• Blockchain Gaming

It will be a collaborative platform for developers to develop, design, and deploy potential blockchain games;

• Mazuma Blockchain

It will be a private ledger of MyMazuma coin that will store all transactions through miners POW (Proof of work);

• Mazuma Coin

This will be a native coin of the Mazuma ecosystem to offer a tokenized economy;

• Decentralized Exchange

It is a decentralized token swapping platform that will enable users to perform instant exchange of Defi tokens;

• Mazuma Pay

It will be a payment gateway or wallet of MyMazuma to allow users to pay for utility and transaction fees;

• Mazuma Community

This is the fastest growing group/community of developers, marketers, gamers, players, and traders.

Mazuma Token Smart Staking Program

As previously mentioned, this platform will allow users to earn 225% rewards just by staking Mazuma from 3 types of reward programs:

1. 10 % Instant reward: You will get 10% of Mazuma rewards if you occupy direct referral stakes at MyMazuma in the system;

2. 25 Level Rewards: The user will receive Mazuma staking rewards up to 25 levels on self-staking; and

3. Re-stake and Withdraw: Once you reach 225% total income, the user can re-stake the Mazuma or withdraw them to the wallet.

RoadMap of the Future Products by Mazuma Network

Check out the upcoming products developed and deployed by the Mazuma team:

1. Token Website- (15.07.2021)

2. Staking Program Website- (Launching on 20.07.2021)

3. Mazuma Token Listing Starts (25.07.2021)

4. Mazuma Blockchain Website- (Launching on 13.10.2021)

5. Mazuma Utility Portal Website- (Launching on 10.02.2022)

6. Mazuma Gaming Portal Website- (Launching on 10.06.2022)

7. Mazuma Lottery Portal Website- (Launching on 10.12.2022)

A Detailed Milestone Releases

Q2, 2021

· July

Project launch

Create Mazuma Token

Introduce MyMazuma Staking Program

· August

Listing Mazuma token on JustSwap

Listing Mazuma token on CEX

Start Mazuma Blockchain Protocol development

Q3, 2021

· September

Begin Partnership Drive

Hire Blockchain Development team

· October

Token Listing Operations

Run Online Gaming Events

Start Mazuma Blockchain Development

Q1, 2022

· February

Launch Mazuma Pay (Utility payment platform)

· June

Introduce Mazuma Lottery (Crypto lottery model)

· July

Introducing Mazuma Play (Blockchain Games)

· August

List Mazuma on 5+ Exchanges

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MyMazuma is a Blockchain Gaming and Lottery Network Powered by MAZUMA token. A Tron Blockchain based development panel to build MAZUMA blockchain and Different